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Monthly Archives: March 2012

So, spent a few hours on Spacehawk this morning (I guess we’re on er… pre-alpha/internal 0.71 now?). Navi ring now points to quest locations/markers (largely thanks to James Wild being a vector maths prodigy) , AI is much much much less shit and fires properly on a radial distance check! WooHoo! and er… yeh, explosions are a bit prettier now? also, cleaned up a tonne of code that was using useless trace/radial checks.  anyway, video coming in next couple days!


Back on track now! New 2nd monitor and a replacement HDD and a fresh install of XP and we’re good to go.

Fixed a bug with the quest/mission icon system where it wasn’t clearing the previous bool properly, so added an extra check to make sure

//within quest actor
//Quest 1
 if(Touched==0 && SHPC.MQ01==false && SHPC.MQ02==false)
 GoToState('Nommed', 'Begin', true);
 //Quest 2
 If(Touched==0 && SHPC.MQ01==True && SHPC.MQ02==false)
 GoToState('Nommed', 'Begin', true);


just an extra bool check in the IF statements to make sure we switch properly and the last quest stage gets cleared.

Going to revise the camera switching later to more of a zoom effect on button hold rather than a proper camera switch and make some more changes to the AI so it’ll be less shocking, also need to fix some bugs in the score code, cos that really is dodgy as hell right now.

Massive hardware failure due to power surge and bad wiring, blown out my 2nd monitor (an old 24″ CRT) and nuked my windows install in the process. so… reinstalled XP, I tried 7 , I really tried but it’s just too horrible and I’d prefer to keep living in 2002. So, back on track in a couple days when new 2nd monitor arrives and i can sort out this .net framework so UDK actually works agains!

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