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Spent yesterday and today working on a little flash game (Currently imaginatively titled “BounceMe”) where you draw lines/shapes/curves to bounce the blue ball into 3 other balls, to score points.. or somthing.

as you can see, summer has left me very bored with little to do so, making random flash/other games it is! will upload it on here when it’s more done



Taken a week out from productive work to focus on Boot Camp 2012!

Small-scale Demo Ipad/iphone/ipod game build on UDK  by a team of Uni students in 5 days!

Will post the final up when… well, when it’s done



Got a tonne done tonight, most of it’s been in flash for the AS2 hud/button coding (since we cant use actual buttons cos they rely on actual mouse position, we’re now using hittests with a mouse cursor movie clip, works a lot better).
Massive help from James earlier (he wrote most of the code) for getting the mouse cursor movie clip to shadow the position of the Mouse actor in the worldspace.
considering on how to do spell/action icons now, most likely it’ll be using SetExternalTexture within uscript instead of scaleform’s default method of storing all the stuff in the SWF file.

Anyway, more on that tommorow!

Apparently, hitTest doesnt work on buttons within flash, only movie clips… thanks Adobe,  you could’ve put that in your documentation! Would’ve been ace -.-‘

in any case:

//as2 - mouse cursor clip between 2 movie clips

onClipEvent(mouseMove) {

if(this.hitTest(_root.MC_SP1)) {

Got a prototype for IsoGame up and running


So, action script 2.0, we meet again!

Turns out you can’t use getAscii properly with unreal, so it’s getKeyCode() instead, which isnt so bad, except for the fact it expects a manual check for every keypress otherwise epic spam!

var One:Object = new Object();
var OneUsed:Boolean = false;
//get ASCII Doesnt Work under Unreal
One.onKeyDown = function () {
if (Key.getCode() == 49 && OneUsed == false) { "Spell1" ); 
OneUsed=True; //bool check
One.onKeyUp = function () {
OneUsed=false; //bool check

Oh well, it works now, still, you’d think there’d be a better way than manual bool checks per button otherwise spam!

Postponedwork on Spacehawk for the time being so I can work on a procedurally generated isometric game (working out details/brief/prototype for university FYP). Will get back to spacehawk when i eventually get sick of that, which i can’t imagine will take too long!
In the mean time, working procedural/grid generation is actually more fun than it sounds! 

Managed to get a pre-alpha build of the demo sorted out in about 5 hours tonight, after fighting with flash and porting all the code to the 2011-08 build of udk (from 2010-06 which is what it was running).
See an actual level, mostly working, with… well, shit AI lets be honest, but it’s progress none the less!

Dear Epic Games,

Please write a proper debugger and tag errors properly.

yours sincerely, someone who has just wasted an hour on a problem due to a checkbox in flash.

For your reference:
Someone elses thread about the same thing, that isnt really mentioned anywhere else


So, spent a few hours on Spacehawk this morning (I guess we’re on er… pre-alpha/internal 0.71 now?). Navi ring now points to quest locations/markers (largely thanks to James Wild being a vector maths prodigy) , AI is much much much less shit and fires properly on a radial distance check! WooHoo! and er… yeh, explosions are a bit prettier now? also, cleaned up a tonne of code that was using useless trace/radial checks.  anyway, video coming in next couple days!

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